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Printed out some cheap quality Banpresto poster prints -3- (11 x 17) about a week ago, 2 on top are fan art I've seen being shared around social media a lot, can't recall the artist but will find that out! A friend of mine had an auction selling the official Banpresto poster on the right of my wall but due to low funds on my end, I wasn't able to purchase/bid on them, luckily no one bid on them so the next auction she has is when those would be mine! :)

Also got a cubby shelf just yesterday that measures 2 ft high and 1 ft deep. Unsure of what to put inside the cubby holes but will eventually fill them (in the meantime will probably put art supplies inside these).

Days ago I got my Biyomon rubber strap from my friend Mokona! Thanks again girl! :)

Went back to the thrift store Friday evening to get another acrylic frame which I placed my Biyomon settei I got from shindkrow a month or so ago! Doesn't entirely fit the dimensions of the settei sheet but it'll do for now.

Currently expecting my Terriermon Data Colle! 3 set figure from my friend Elise and the Crest of Love Gashapon emblem from friend Ines! Can't wait for their arrivals! <3


New Digi-Gets and Display Cases! :)

Days ago on the 11th, I got this 5 x 7 in. display case from a friend from school and placed my Hikari Yagami x Tailmon GEM figure with Nyaormon and Salamon Data Colle! figure! :)

Also got these stickers and lentculars from my friend Holly!

My Biyomon vol. 3 Crane King plush from my friend cinivala just came in the mail this afternoon!

Also today from my weekly trips to the neighborhood Thrift Store, I found these acrylic display cubes, frames, and a big glass case all for under $15! I placed some of my trading cards, stickers, and lenticulars! :)

Also got this Ikea frame last weekend for my Digimon Tri copy print out I printed out last year around the time of the Tri stream premiere! :)


Meant to post this pic on the 2nd of April when unopening my Angewomon x Hikari GEM!

Decided to print out cheap quality posters from my school's printers since we don't actually have the officially licensed one's just yet! I'm happy regardless! ^-^

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My Angewomon x Hikari Yagami GEM figure just came in this morning while in class! :) <3 Super happy and grateful that I now own her! <3 Packed a punch to pay for, but worth every penny! <3

Latest Digimon Plush Haul! :)

Just got my giant Gatomon plushie from the Crane King machine yesterday!

Here's a side-by-side comparison to my smaller Gatomon vol. 2 plush. :)

Also got the Yokomon Crane King plush the day before yesterday! Next thing I have coming is my Hikari Yagami and Angewomon GEM <3 It'll probably be here this Saturday (from the looks of it via tracking info!).

Hikari Yagami GEM and upcoming items!

My Hikari Yagami GEM figure came in today!

Here she is on my display shelf! Arranged my Terriermon line items accordingly so she is properly displayed! 😊

Some upcoming items include:

Yokomon crane plush!

Giant Gatomon crane plush!

Awaiting my Angewomon and Hikari GEM to reach the warehouse!


The Long Await ends! Thanks Shindow! :) <3

So I FINALLY got my package from USPS after a minor issue with delivery UAA status! I present to you my giant Digimon haul of Biyomon/Gatomon/Yolei/Renamon items! Pictures of everything below! Red arrows indicate the new items placed on my Digimon shelf! I'm so happy everything got here safely! Going to need a larger shelf/display cases soon! ^^; (Non-Digimon item included in the first image below is a Sailor Neptune plush <3) Thanks a bunch shindkrow!

Here's all the buttons, can badges, kanban keychains, cards, and rubber straps inside my shadow box, also Biyomon poster and settei! :)

Here's everything on my Digimon shelf! :)


Digi-gets/Auction wins/group claims!

So after waiting it out, I finally got my hands on a Angewomon x Hikari Yagami GEM figure off of Buyee for $153.68 + fees!!!!! I never thought I'd ever get her but I did! Blessed! S/O to my mum for dealing with my Digimon collecting!

Also ordered via ami ami a Hikari Yagami x Gatomon GEM figure! : ) Again, thanks Mum! <3

Just recently got Digimon Tamers cards from Kristen! :) Thanks girl!

Some group buys include the 2nd Biyomon crane plush from cinivala (?) ! Shan let me know what the payment will be for Biyomon when you get the chance! :) And I will be getting the Biyomon/Gatomon figures in this set from Elise!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more updates to come and happy collecting! :)


Plushie Galore-and-Store!

So I found another fabric self-storage shelving unit the other day when hanging out in the Loop with my friend Olivia and decided to do some re-organizing on my plushie collection which include handmade Digimon plushies, official licensed Digimon plushies, Kimchi Kawaii punny plushies, bunny plushies (Hallmark/Beanie Babies), the Kuchiki's (Rukia/Byakuya from Bleach), my first Beanie Baby doll/toy Pouncy, with her mum,Tentacle Kitty plushie I got at Wizard World last summer, and a Pusheen plushie I got from Hot Topic last year!



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